OVOCOPO in ‘Portuguese Language’ means a cup ‘COPO’ as a holder for an egg ‘OVO’. A cup as an egg holder is meant to be easier to crack an egg and to sip through using a small spoon. It is better serve normally during breakfast. With sprinkled of salts and peppers it would give memorable sips of experience.

BIGDATA social is our term stand for computerize data analysis process that beyond of normal numerical computation which include dynamic human data behaviors related with dynamic fragmented digital content through the art of philosophy natural engagement.

Social cooperative is an organization that manages business entity which profits are shared through common understandings among members. It is a democratic organization where all member is treat equal in term of decision making. By contrast from normal business entity that has term of employer and employees, minority and majority shareholders.

Background Colour is reddish orange as to recall the pop culture in 1960 where the technology of color TV and color film is new. And as we see the same as it relate the situation that we perceive current multi media technology in all gadgets.

Font Typography which using expression of the line of curve as it is reflected the art of experience learning using an egg cup holder as We are in learning experience building the elements of BIGDATA social core technology for global social layer attraction.

By September 5, 2012, I would like to inform officially launch a new investment group called OVOCOPO . We believe that software technology of year 2015 is much simpler than today. Our Approach is to build market first and the choice of software technology becomes second. So we do intensively real world experiment BIGDATA social on lifespan of individual female using social layer attraction. Our migration to the latest software technology in 2015 will disrupting model of Traditional Capitalism Market.

OVOCOPO is a Global investment group . It is based on social cooperative. Now we are open for new members from all over the world. With 1000 USD as initial investment, everyone can become an investor.

End of the road it is might be in social cooperatives where there is no employer or employees. It is a social media evolution

It is become Our Crusade in digital economy.  SOCIAL COOPERATIVE FOR ALL!


One thought on “About OVOCOPO


    “we’re not going to hire every smart engineer on the planet. We want to be able to collaborate with the people that we can’t hire in the open through various communities.”

    Thanks to Doug Henschen in his article at InformationWeek,

    It is mean that experience in the past doesn’t build better worker of the future. It is another global knowledge shift that quite alarm for all top executive and middle executive globally as we look the e-commerce will evolves in next 5 years

    I am truly believe in what PING LI, Accel partner saids that ” The “we need new tools” thesis seems to write off products that have made huge strides in connecting to new platforms. Parikh grants that there is a bias in the big data community toward “shiny new things,” and doesn’t believe there’s “one magical piece of technology that’s going to wipe out everything done in the past.”

    more at http://www.informationweek.com/software/business-intelligence/facebook-seeks-next-generation-big-data/240008120

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