Our BIGDATA social focus on set up Female Eco System In Digital Community. We are illustrated in how to the real world experimental data simulation is collected in social interaction of digital society. It is a ground breaking in developing foundation for the complete eco system in digital community. Our approach is towards perspective of female feeling from young age to adult age in the curve of lifespan for each individual female.

Firstly we have to narrow down the scope in the activities related with kid and travel where women are a real decision maker in dealing with money. The activities such as traveling with kids with eco style and kids holiday with ecolearn during school holiday.

Secondly, by the adding the wedding celebrating with digital content attraction for young and adult female and it will large my scope in getting more the real data though the curve of lifespan for each individual female.

Thirdly our eco system in digital community will soon be completed when implement new media attraction dynamic digital media.

This is our foundation in building digital female eco system that covers in all aspect such as
social cooperative
wedding celebrations

So the overall coverage in getting the real experimental data simulations is achieved with the optimum result.

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